teddy lake for senate


My name is Teddy Lake, I'm a second-year intended Political Science major and English minor. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where I graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a theatre major and the elected head of the department. In addition to being a student here at Cal, I am also employed as a philanthropic advisor by The Artemis Agency (an all-female advisory firm that assists high-profile clients in their charitable endeavors). Through my job at Artemis, I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with and manage events for such non-profit organizations as: the TransLatin@ Coalition, Bring Change 2 Mind, and The Jenesse Center.

As a lesbian woman myself, I'm extremely proud to be the queer/trans community's slated candidate for the 2018-2019 ASUC Senate. I do not take the endorsement of my community lightly and, accordingly, plan to work proactively and diligently to uphold this honor— humbling as this endorsement may be, I see it more as an aspirational title than it is an assured one and will work constantly to maintain this distinction. Above all, it's a privilege to have been selected to serve on behalf of such an irreplaceably magnificent group of people. The queer/trans community means so much to me and I look forward to being the effective and relentless advocate that LGBTQ+ folks deserve, both on this campus and elsewhere.


demanding administration accountability

Despite this institution’s hyper-progressive reputation, UC Berkeley’s administrators tend to trivialize issues pertaining to the queer/trans community on campus, as if such matters are somehow less worthy of their attention or effort. The battle for vital QARC facilities, for example, was galvanized entirely by brave student leaders, who— in defiance of Berkeley administration— refused to take no for an answer. As an ASUC senator, I pledge to alleviate some of that pressure by using my platform to put myself on the line in defense of the wants and needs of the entire queer/trans community. Specifically, through the facilitation of twice monthly LGBTQ+ student town-halls promptly followed by thematically-linked meetings with the Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, I believe that my office can accurately and articulately carry forward the time-sensitive, pertinent issues facing the queer/trans community on campus. I will relentlessly demand accountability from our administrators on such matters as the QARC renovations timeline, the availability of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, and a host of other issues facing the LGBTQ+ student body. My office will dedicate itself to confronting our administrators whenever necessary, so that Cal’s Queer/Trans community can focus less on surviving and more on thriving.

positive queer trans visibility

Necessary as it may be, the fight for survival against a systemically-oppressive society is fundamentally exhausting and, moreover, detrimental to one’s mental health; while the majority of my efforts as an ASUC senator will go towards this battle for the protection of queer/trans students on campus, I also intend to direct much of my work towards the emotional empowerment of our irreplaceably beautiful community. Specifically, I will dedicate a faction of my office to Community Empowerment, in which staff members will conceptualize, create, and circulate uplifting material and media— for example, an online and in-print publication— aimed at inspiring LGBTQ+ identifying students at UC Berkeley. From monthly, themed photo campaigns to written featurettes highlighting student accomplishments, my office’s Community Empowerment Division will work tirelessly to better the queer/trans community’s sense of self-worth. More than just content though, the Community Empowerment Division will also facilitate accessible gatherings and events aimed at inspiring and lifting the collective spirits of the queer/trans community on campus: whether it be open-mic nights, dance parties, or study jams, these socials will unify our community upon principles of tolerance, love, and resilience. This push for positive representation will unite our community, so that we move forward reaffirmed in our self-worth, stronger than ever, and ready to take on each injustice that comes our way as a united, unstoppable force.



supporting survivors of sexual assault

Like so many institutions, UC Berkeley’s efforts to curb sexual assault are largely ineffectual: perpetrators hardly ever see justice, survivors feel discouraged to report, and the cycle of violence continues uninhibited. To make matters worse, statistics reveal that queer and trans people face sexual harassment and assault at a disproportionately high rate, in comparison to heterosexual and cisgender counterparts. While these assaults are despicable across the board, queer and trans students on campus often feel particularly isolated following their assault, as this university embraces a highly cishetero-normative definition of sexual violence. As an ASUC senator, I will alleviate some of the enormous emotional distress placed upon survivors by commissioning a Survivor Sponsorship Program: essentially, this program would provide a space for survivors of sexual violence to connect with a mentor, who understands their experience and can coach the sponsee through effective healing strategies. Though the Survivor Sponsorship Program would be open to all students looking for guidance, the program would be particularly useful to queer and trans survivors, as they’d be able to communicate with a mentor who understands the way identity factors into these acts of violence. My office, through the creation of the Survivor Sponsorship Program, will also aim to revitalize the ASUC Commission on sexual violence, so that we might effectively collaborate to make meaningful change. In the wake of such devastating trauma, it’s absolutely critical to remind survivors that they are not alone— the Survivor Sponsorship Program would see to it that no one has to navigate these circumstances without a shoulder to lean on.


Mental Health Advocate*, Office of ASUC Senator Hani Hussein (2018)

Artistic Director*, BareStage’s “Bat Boy: the Musical” (2017)

Philanthropic Advisor*, The Artemis Agency (2017-present)

Lead Event Manager*, The Jenesse Center for Domestic Violence Intervention (2017)

Associate Event Manager*, Kershaw's Challenge (2017)

Lead Event Manager*, Bring Change 2 Mind's "Revels & Revelations" (2017)

Visiting Associate*, The TransLatin@ Coalition (2017)

Performer*, BareStage's "Heathers: the Musical" (2017)

Founder & CFO*, The Last Orchard Theatre Company (2015-2017)

Theatre Department Head*, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (2015-2016)

Founding Member*, LACHSA PRIDE (2016)

Program Volunteer*, AYSO's Very Important Players (2011-2016)

Artistic Director*, The Last Orchard’s “Bad Seed” (2015)

*All titles for identification purposes only.