ASUC Senator Estacio

The Office of ASUC Senator Rizza Estacio has centered the decolonization of higher education through advocacy and project creation on many fronts. As a campus leader, Rizza and her office have focused on initiatives including contraceptive vending machines and authoring the STARR referendum, which would secure continuous funding for recruitment and retentions centers on campus. Rizza was also part of the speakers who advocated for (and succeeded in securing) the dismissal of UC Regent Norman Pattiz, who  who sexual harassed numerous femme members of his staff. The senator's drive to support the retention of low-income students is also the core of her office, seen through her advocacy for student's whose financial situations block them from being officially registered. Rizza and her staff are planning big things for spring!

You can visit Senator Estacio's Facebook senate page for more information.

“The most important thing in this life, Master Oklahoma used to say at the end of each session, is to have a destiny.” Valeria Luiselli, The Story of My Teeth


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Pronouns: she/her

Third Year

Major: Ethnic Studies/English

Pilipinx & Berkeley Student Cooperative Communities

Office Hours by appointment

Note from Rizza: Please contact me for all ABSA advisement. My office will be available throughout the spring semester to help with filling out ABSA forms, and we can be present as you fill out the form!