romario FOR SENATE

Hello, it's Romario (he/him/his)! I am from the North Bay Area, studying Political Science and Rhetoric here at Cal. I am the Queer and Trans community endorsed candidate, so I'm running on platforms to represent, empower, and strengthen a community found in every organization, every space. In addition, I hope to tackle measures that boost the accessibility, diversify the makeup, and support the Berkeley Student Cooperative as well as the campus spirit organizations. The major focus of my platforms isn't about reinventing the wheel but ballooning the quality in current institutional offerings. My three years of Cal has seasoned my knowledge of relevant and tangible issues -- I'd be a Senator who hits the ground running. Please read up on my thorough platforms and extensive qualifications below.



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Chief-of-Staff*, LGBTQ+ Endorsed ASUC Senator* Teddy Lake (2018-current)

Director*, 2019 Queer and Trans Health & Wellness Summit (2019) Board Representative*

Berkeley Student Cooperative: Person of Color Theme House (current)

Community Manager* Berkeley Student Cooperative: Person of Color Theme House (2018)

Organizer, QT Christians (current)

Residential Advisor & College Success Instructor*, Summer Math and Science Honors Academy: Berkeley site (2018)

Finance Lead*, 2018 Queer and Trans People of Color Conference (2018)

LGBTQIA+ Caucus Facilitator*

UCSA’s 2018 Student Lobbying Conference in Sacramento (2018)

Front Desk Assistant*, International House (2018-current)

Member*, Bear Closet DeCal (2018) Queer Cal Pal*

Gender Equity Resource Center (2017)

President*, Clark Kerr Hall Association (2017)

Equipment Checkout Custodian*, Graduate School of Journalism (2016-2017)

Student Body President*, Novato High School (2015-2016)

*All titles for identification purposes only.