rizza for academic affairs vice president

Read more about my platforms and goals below!


Decolonize Cal

Establishment of the Third World College

Advocating for the final and unfulfilled demand from the Third World Liberation Front (twLF)



Defense of Academic Diversity

Stripping away Academic Policies that infringe on the success of marginalize students, and insure that basic needs, student safety, and survival are prioritized



Survive & Thrive

Continue collaboration with bridges, assist in leveraging the reconstruction of Hearst Field Annex. Work with Equity and Inclusion to establish projects that produce resources for under-resourced


Qualifications & Leadership Roles

ASUC Senator*

ASUC Representative, Building Naming Review Committee*

Co-Author, STARR Referendum

Letters and Science Representative, Undergraduate Academic Commission  

Pilipinx Community Executive Space*

House President, Berkeley Student Cooperative

Legislative Director, ASUC Office of Rigel Robinson**

Fund the UC Campaign Manager, ASUC Office of the Executive Affairs Vice President**

Intern, External Affairs Component Pilipinx American Alliance**

Performer, Pilipinx Cultural Night 2017**

Member, Consent Education Working Group of Berkeley Student Cooperative**

Medic Trainee, Berkeley Free Clinic

Former Health Worker, Berkeley Student Cooperative**

Former Performer, Vagina Monologues**

Former Campus Mobilizer, CalSERVE**

Former Intern, ASUC Office of Sina Rashidi**

*Titles for identification purposes only