ASUC EAVP Rigel Robinson

The Office of ASUC External Affairs Vice President Rigel Robinson hit the ground running this semester, effectively crafting a semester-long agenda of advocacy from Sacramento to Washington D.C. Rigel and his staff have been active voices at each UC Regents meeting, supporting students from experience organizers to 1st-timers. This includes being part of the core organizing that successfully ousted UC Regent Norman Pattiz through self-resignation, a regent accused of sexual violence. Initiatives the EAVP's office have supported include the movement to push back against the grad tax and pipelining students into city commissions. Rigel and his staff have been present in D.C., bringing along students to experience congressional lobbying, some for the first time.

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Pronouns: he/him

Fourth Year

Major: Political Economy

Office hours: Tues. 12-2pm