omotara FOR SENATE

Hello pals! My name is Omotara Oloye and I'm a second-year studying Computer Science and Music from San Leandro, CA. I love performing and visual arts, films and filmmaking, and (global) politics and I’m passionate about service, teaching, and working with students.

Ever since I stepped on campus, I have been hyper aware of presence in my clubs, classes, and general settings. I understand how my many intersecting identities affect my experience here. By acclimating myself into the Black Community, the Engineering and Greater STEM community, and my favorite open gym volleyball folx, I have been able to keep my head afloat in this wide pond of an institution. But I know that this narrative isn’t the same for everyone. I have a drive to improve the lives of students and mitigate the feeling of loneliness. I want to improve the current programs and services for students who feel like they have also been left on the margins of this University. As a senator, I hope to focus on increasing academic opportunities for marginalized groups, securing spaces, strengthening professional development and alumni engagement services, and revitalizing and retaining the Black Community @ Cal. One may ask, why are you running for Senate?

I am running for Senate because I want to empower the communities that I am a part of and continue the work I already have started on campus. I am running for Senate because while I love this institution, I understand how the lives of students can be improved. I am running for Senate because I believe I can dutifully step up to the plate to advocate and be a voice for the people at this University. Join me so that we can progress to a better university and a better future! For more information, check out my platforms below!!

With warmth and passion,



Increase Academic Opportunities for Marginalized Groups

  • Streamline accessibility to the Data Science Lab (DLab) by putting on a DLab open house and have workshops taught by Centers for Educational Justice and Community Engagement Offices-identifying students

  • Creation of equitable hiring practices and increase diverse faculty by working closely with Chancellor Christ and Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion, Oscar DuBon

  • Ensure that Underrepresented Minority and low-income STEM students are getting paid for research Expand current grant and scholarship programs to ensure the outreach, yield, and retention of underrepresented students

Securing Spaces

  • Secure more study space square footage by opening up Wheeler, Dwinelle, Cory, and other buildings on campus to be able to be book rooms to study in after hours

  • Expand current library times and renting spaces

  • Create and maintain a system so the registered student organizations (RSOs) can book Upper and Lower Sproul for “Sprouling” to ensure that students don’t have to wake up at 4 AM to secure a good spot

  • Reconstruct Hearst Field Annex to have more space for Black Students, Undocumented Students, QARC, Bridges, and the most vulnerable communities

Strengthen Professional Development and Alumni Engagement Services,

  • Create a speaker series where alumni in industry come back to speak on their experiences in their respective fields by working with the Cal Alumni Association.

  • Host a Diversity Career Fair in conjunction with the Career Center so that minority students are not intimidated by hour-long lines

  • Work with the Career Center to have POC, LGBTQIA+, DSP accommodating, first-generation, and low-income specific workshops on how to create cover letters, resume building, mock interview and grad application assistance, and guided mentorship into the workforce upon graduation

Revitalize and Retain the Black Community @ Cal

  • Validate all Black narratives by introducing Brave spaces to engage in meaningful dialogue

  • Link the three Black populations on campus (Black Undergrads, Grads, and Faculty and Staff) to strengthen social, academic, and professional networks

  • Increase wellness accessibility and visibility in the Black community by expanding current self-identifying programs financially

  • Foster community with monthly programming events from SF trips to hiking

  • Improve the Black experience at Cal by hosting an annual concert in the Greek Theatre


Diversity and Inclusion Department Head, Office of the AAVP* (2018-2019)

ClassPass Committee (2018-2019)

uGSI for CS 370 (Spring 2019)

Treasurer, Black Engineering and Science Student Association (BESSA) (2018-2019)

Executive Director’s Head Intern, Black Recruitment and Retention Center (BRRC) (2018-2019)

Active member, Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association (HUBBA), Nigerian Student Association (NSA), and Black Student Union (BSU) (2017-2019)

Social Vice President, Hall Association (2017-2019 [Christian/Cheney, Martinez Commons/Channing-Bowditch/New Sequoia] )


Endorsed by the Black Community @ Cal*

Amir Wright, Black Community Endorsed ASUC Senator* (2018-2019)

zaynab abdulqadir-morris ASUC President* (2017-2018), Black Community Endorsed ASUC Senator* (2016-2017)

Destiny Iwuoma, Black Community Endorsed ASUC Senator* (2013-2014)

Teddy Lake, LGBTQ+ Endorsed ASUC Senator* (2018-2019)

Camille Harris, BESSA President* (2018-2019)

Blessing James & Oluchi Okwu, Nigerian Student Association Co-Presidents* (2018-2019)

*titles for identification purposes only