Idalys Pérez for senate


Hi, my name is Idalys! I am a low-income first-generation Central American womxn studying Economics with a minor in Education in my second year here at Cal. I want to eventually focus on education reform for K-12 students, because as a student of color, I know how necessary it for our communities to receive racial equity. In term of my involvement in the Latinx community, I have been involved since my freshman year. I have been a part of LBSA*, Hermanas Unidas*, and the Latinx Caucus*. However, my greatest involvement has been with Central Americans for Empowerment (CAFE)* as the Director of External Affairs. I was able to work alongside others across the UC to help build a Central American coalition as well as work with other Bay Area grass roots organizations such as NISGUA* that do work for our Central American countries back home*.

As for the ASUC, I was an intern last year within the Organizing Department of the EAVP office. Whether it was canvassing for preventing the closure of Alta Bates Hospital Berkeley or standing by AFSCME* at their rallies and supporting the rights of our UC workers, I was able to broaden my knowledge of our institution here at Berkeley. I am currently the UC Students Association* campaign operations manager within the ASUC External Affairs Vice President Office.* This role is linked to the removal of UC Regent Norman Pattiz, who was accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment. I was also an active part of the organizing work that delayed the vote on this year’s tuition hike. I plan to continue working on these vital issues and others that affect marginalized communities on campus in my remaining time here to help ensure this campus is accountable for providing an equitable education to ALL.


SVSH Prevention Programming & Protection

Under Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Repeal and the current regulations that are being enforced on our campus, there needs to be more accountability for sexual assault and violence on both the city and campus level. In November 2017, myself and students were able to mobilize on bringing others to the UC Regents Meeting to address the lack of accountability of UC Regent Norman Pattiz’s sexual harassment allegations. After all our organizing efforts we were able to get the regent to resign from his position. I would use my power as an ASUC Senator to work with the administration to effectively enforce non-tolerance policies, and hold those who violate these policies accountable for their actions. This issue is very prevalent throughout college campuses, and the ASUC must take a more concrete stance, and take tangible steps on this issue on this as this impacts the lives of all students at Berkeley. Along with providing more on campus confidential services such as individual counseling, support groups, and other resources that can help survivors, it is also vital we as a campus start bringing more awareness to the issue of sexual violence. Additionally, I will work closely with the City of Berkeley to enact more city-wide policies and programs that can ensure the safety of individuals.


financial aid reform

  • Accessibility: Not only is it already extremely difficult to get an appointment to talk to a financial aid advisor, but the office has also stopped opening on Thursdays. How are students supposed to get their needs addressed when the only way they have a chance of talking to a financial aid advisor is by standing in line at 8 am the day that they’re hoping to get an appointment? Through staff- expansion this could vary from more work-study student advisors to more full-time financial aid officers as a way to address all students simple or complex financial aid cases.

  • Accuracy: Recently UC Berkeley Grads have discovered that this campus miscalculates the cost of living in the City of Berkeley by 42%. This leads to drastic underestimations of the cost of rent & living expenses when calculating financial aid packages for recipients that live off campus. Therefore, holding the campus more accountable for financial aid package calculations and establishing a program where students can gain more financial resources that assist with additional educational and housing cost coverage. (i.e. textbooks, supplies, down payments for off-campus housing)

  • Awareness: Bringing awareness to issues such as the discrepancy in financial aid calculations will help rally students in action against these inadequate resources. And mainly be able to collectively push the end to the discriminatory “Cancellation for Non-Payment” (CNP) policy.

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Sanctuary state, sanctuary campus

It is pertinent that this campus recognizes the equity and safety of all when it comes to just being able to go to our classes and pursue an education. Therefore, it is crucial that our administration keeps ICE and other forms of militarized police off campus grounds. I aim to push for these changes in policies and regulations through working with the city and building a coalition that also supports the overall safety of our students as well as holding our campus administration accountable for their actions.  Furthermore, it is vital that we also address the accountability of the UC Office of the President, and ensure that UC President Janet Napolitano is matching her rhetoric when it come to assuring the safety of students. Working alongside the UC Students Association, we will build more unity on working towards these system-wide issues and overall ensure that we are collectively elevating the voices of all students, especially those who are the most marginalized, across the UC.


Idalys’ Current and Past Positions
Director of External Affairs, Central Americans for Empowerment* (CAFE)
Ambassador, Fall Program for Freshmen* (FPF)
Workshop Presenter, Centering Central Americans at the Students of Color Conference* (2018)
Committee Member, Latinos Students Business Association*
Member, Hermanas Unidas*
Organizing Intern, University of California Students Association* (UCSA)
Vice Chair of Community Outreach, CalSERVE*
Vice President of Service, Residential Hall Association* (RHA)
UGSI, ASUC Decal Class*
UC Campaign Operations Manager, ASUC External Affairs Vice President Office*
Legislative Staffer, ASUC External Affairs Vice President Office*
Corporate Secretary, United States Students Association* (USSA)
Member, Los Angeles Unified School District Associated Student Body Presidents Board*
President, Associated Student Body of Ulysses S. Grant High School*
Award Recipient, Red Cross Student Leadership*
Big Sister to Ethan Pérez

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only