Hey everyone! My name is is Emily Fregoso, I use she/they pronouns, and I am a second year student studying History and Global Poverty and Practice. I am from Los Angeles, California and have found myself fall more in love with the Bay everyday.

Interwoven within my platforms are the passions and strengths I have developed over my life as a result of my own personal experiences and what I know of the experiences of my fellow community members. I have seen and experienced how hard it is for womxn, LGBTQ+ folk, communities of color, and survivors to receive the necessary support while attending UC Berkeley. Berkeley academics are already so rigorous, let alone when coupled with challenges that un-proportionally affect marginalized communities. It is imperative that those in leadership positions actively make strides to reallocate funds and resources to those that need them most. If given the opportunity to serve as your next ASUC Senator, I would want to actively work with the community to ensure that their needs for the most marginalized are taken care of and served first.


Harassment and Violence Elimination and Survivor Support

  • Sexual violence and harassment are prominent issues impacting UC Berkeley, that disproportionately burden systematically marginalized communities. Historically underrepresented communities face disparate access to university resources. I envision the elimination of sexual violence and harassment on our campus through the implementation of networks that facilitate student access to resources already provided by the university. In a collaboration with the Path to Care team, I will use my office to create culturally sensitive healing spaces for survivors. Acknowledging that everyone’s healing journey is unique, my office will serve students in varied capacities including community events, educational workshops, and healing circles. Our office will center the voices of womxn, femmes, LGBTQ+, and students of color, in an attempt to shed light on the specific marginalizations they face. My office is also work to increase student engagement through strategic social media outreach and marketing that will amplify our [ ] to communities reluctant to seek our services. I am specifically interested in serving the Latinx community, where I have found a community space in my leadership positions in TRENZA and in the ASUC Office of the Latinx endorsed Senator Idalys Perez. As I have previously led in TRENZA alongside Hermanas Unidas through Path to Care, we have worked to create community guidelines and protocols in regards to sexual violence, healing, and survivor support. The work we have started in Latinx community highlights the potential for collaboration across the campus community.

Expansion of Equitable Healthcare Services

  • Sexual and mental health is an extremely significant aspect of one’s overall health. It is imperative that students of all identities are provided with opportunities to be educated on several aspects of sexual healthcare. I would want to collaborate with organizations like Sexual Health Education Program, Planned Parenthood, and the Berkeley Free Clinic, to create outreach events for various communities on campus who need the most support around this, such as LGBTQ+ folks of color and student sex workers. Another aspect of student healthcare that I find extremely significant is menstrual health. I would plan on working with and uplifting the work of student organizations, such as Ladies for Change and the [Students for the Institutionalization of Menstrual Products] SURJ??? that focus on menstrual hygiene and equity. I would want to collaborate with these students to also work on policy with the administration to establish the distribution of free menstrual health products and menstrual equity at UC Berkeley. Wellness machines, like the one recently set up at the RSF should be available at other locations on campus where they are accessible to the general public, and other off-campus UC Berkeley locations, such as dorms, apartments, etc. From my own personal experiences, from the experiences my friends have had, and from general knowledge on how the institution affects marginalized folks, I understand that seeking help with mental health especially after experiencing a traumatic event is extremely challenging. What creates additional barriers and discomfort is finding a source of help that one feels comfortable with sharing their life with and one they can relate to. During my term, if elected, I would also plan to apply to the wellness grants offered to create another Social Services counselor position that identifies as a queer/trans person of color to serve LGBTQ+ community members of color at UC Berkeley.

Champion Retention of Students of Color on Campus: Retention Resources for the Latinx Community

  • Although the announcement of UC Berkeley taking initiatives to become a Hispanic Serving Institution is overall a positive one, it is important to ensure that this is more than simply a recruiting tactic without tangibly supporting the students it enrolls. I would want to collaborate with the Latinx community to create avenues for us to actively communicate with and hold the administration accountable in supporting the Latinx community in its entirety. The Latinx community possesses individuals with intersecting identities, such as Afro-Latinx folk and queer/trans Latinx, and thus have unique needs and challenges. The Latinx narrative is also historically Mexican-centric and it is also important that various narratives and perspectives regarding Latinx community retention. I would want to stay in connection with the administration while they are working on the HSI initiative and ensure that the community’s wants and needs are put on the agenda. On a community-scale, I would want to collaborate with both the Black Community and Queer/Trans community to host community education events that work to dismantle the Anti-blackness, homophobia, and sexism within the community. I also want to assist with the empowerment of the existing Latinx organizations and hostly fundraisers every other month to give back to the community members as needed as well as host community meetings every month in order to continuously receive feedback, critiques, and input from the community to ensure that I am doing the best I can to serve their needs.


Intern in the Office of Senator Rizza Estacio

Student Organizing Position in the Office of EAVP Rigel Robinson

Co-Director of Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Prevention Department in the Office of Senator Idalys Perez

Mentor and Coordinator of Dreamers Mentorship Program

Academic Coordinator of TRENZA

Member of Our Monologues 2019

Literacy Mentor in BUILD

EOP Intake Intern