Angelica santos for senate


Hello! I'm Angelica Santos. I am a second year student studying Environmental Science and South & Southeast Asian Studies. My parents immigrated here from the Philippines, and I was born and raised in San Diego. I am running for ASUC Senate this year as the Pilipinx Community Endorsed Senate Candidate.


Investment in Pilipinx Education

As a child of immigrants from the Philippines, gaining a deeper understanding for my identity as a Filipina-American was a huge goal I made for myself during my time in college. I have found my home at Cal in the Pilipinx community, and have found academic satisfaction in declaring South and Southeast Asian Studies as one of my majors. While both students and the Philippines studies lecturers have put a tremendous amount of effort into making a place for Pilipinx students on campus to survive and thrive, the university still does not support our existence and interests on this campus. The Philippine studies courses are now taught exclusively during the summer sessions and the Chancellor has expressed her lack of support for language courses as a whole. Additionally, when listing the university’s support for targeted campus communities in the light of Free Speech Week last fall, the Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion failed to include Asian/Pacific Islander in this list of marginalized communities on campus. Through my work as a Senator, I will advocate for the needs of Pilipinx students on campus and demand that the administration take these needs seriously. As a student of color, I understand that in order to completely dedicate myself to the needs of my community, I must also ally with other marginalized communities, regardless of whether I personally hold these identities. My goals for investing in Pilipinx education at UC Berkeley include reinstating Philippines studies courses during the fall and spring semesters, and ensuring that Pilipinx students and organizations have access to resources in order to thrive.

Mental Health Initiatives

I have struggled with my mental health on and off since middle school. Entering the rigorous and large campus community of UC Berkeley caused me to struggle to maintain my well being, especially during my first year here. During a time of crisis, I tried making an appointment to see a counselor using the Counseling and Psychology Services at Tang, only to find that I needed to wait a week to make a triage appointment, and then wait an additional two weeks for an opening to meet in person with a counselor. I find that while the university boasts about students having access to a certain number of free counseling sessions throughout the year, having to wait so long for one of these free sessions contradicts the goal of accessible mental health services. Especially within communities and families of color, discussing mental health can often be a taboo topic, so eliminating as many barriers for marginalized students to access mental health resources is imperative. My goals for increasing the accessibility of mental health resources include creating an automated online chat service that helps students through a crisis by directing them to on-campus resources, increasing awareness of mental health resources to marginalized communities, and starting a Pilipinx-API Mental Health Initiative to get a counselor and resources catered to our experiences.

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Yielding Academic Resource Accessibility

I severely underestimated the cost of textbooks and class resources when initially budgeting for college. As the first in my family to attend college in America, I lacked the understanding of all of the small necessities required to succeed within this institution. As a STEM major, I have purchased lab manuals, molecular model kits, textbooks, and access codes just so I can do my homework. As a humanities major, I have had multiple classes at a time require me to purchase four novels and required readers. I know that affording required class materials on top of tuition is overwhelming for many students, and I hope to alleviate some of these issues through my work as a Senator. My goal for yielding academic resources includes creating a free textbook rental program through the ASUC, similar to the iClicker rental program that already exists.


Chief of Staff, ASUC Office of Rizza Estacio*
External Relations Coordinator, Pilipinx Academic Student Services* under bridges*
Pilipinx Community Executive Space*
Intern, Social Component of Pilipinx American Alliance*
Intern, Internal Vice President of Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers*
Member, PASS SHADOW Weekend Task Force*
Planning Committee, Friendship Games 2016 & 2017*
Performer, Pilipinx Culture Night*
Former Pilipinx Community Liaison, ASUC Office of Benyamin bin mohd Yusof*
Member, kapwa*
Member, Students of Color Environmental Collective*
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Berkeley Evolab*

*Titles for identification purposes only, and do not signify endorsement.